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Digital Solutions

"Lets get geeky!"

App development

Our experienced software development team can handle any job you can throw at them.


Whether it be for IOS/Android, Web or Desktop!

If you have a need for an application you can't seem to find on the market we have the toolset to create bespoke applications for you and your company to reach higher and higher goals.​

Not only can we create traditional applications but 3D applications, from model walkthroughs to interactive configuration tools.

This does not mean just simple geometry and textures we can also embed models with important meta data allowing CAD/BIM workflows to interact directly with the application!

Car Factory

Digital twins

We have invested a lot of time and knowledge into our app development workflows and capabilities.

Specifically in our ability to contribute to the digital twin sector of the space,  in which we can transform your entire production line into a digital copy feeding off of real world data from a variety of sensors, all displayed into a digital, interactable environment.

it really is as cool as it sounds ands can greatly improve management of a line as well as being able to convert incredible technical information into a format everybody can understand.

We are incredible excited about the future of IOT devices and applications and are continuing to build our knowledge and expertise in the space.

Machine Vision Solutions

For the more technical use cases we have worked continually on creating our streamlined AI workflows to be able to create some incredibly versatile tools.

specialising in Realtime object detection, depth perception and deep image analysis. we can create a variety of tools which would allow you to make your pre-existing workflows more effective saving you time and money.

Automate monotonous processes such as quality control of products or  inventory with the power of machine vision.

iot machine learning with human and object recognition which use artificial intelligence t
Paper architectural drawings and blueprint.jpg

CAD modelling

Managing big projects can be expensive and time consuming, we aim to help elevate some of the stresses of huge modelling jobs.

Our team is incredibly well versed in utilising the Autodesk suite and other CAD/BIM software and workflows respectively to help you unload work and reach those deadlines.

We understand how important highly accuracy modelling is and have had more then enough experience dealing with the tight deadlines that are often associated with these jobs, this is why we can help you unload modelling jobs whether that be modelling from large point clouds in Revit or from simple floor plans. 

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