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Visual Effects

"We love S'ploding stuff!"

VFX Support

Need to offload visual effects work from your production?

Or do you need some bespoke visual effects done for a project?

Our team has had years of experience in visual effects and are constantly training and learning the latest technologies and software to be able to support any production house.

We have advanced knowledge in software as to the likes of Houdini, Blender, After effects, 3Ds max, Maya and the list goes on.

For communication we can quickly adopt and adapt to your standards whether that be using slack, shotgun etc.

This allows us to easily integrate ourselves with your workflows and team for the smoothest collaboration possible.

Red Fireworks


Integrate digital assets into live action footage flawlessly.


Whether it be part of a bigger production or a clip for a smaller project we can help you place your ideas into the real world!


Utilising cutting edge workflows and techniques we can quickly iterate on the models, lighting and materials to get the look and feel you are after.

all exported in any format you require from video formats/image formats to any 3D format your production need.


They're a lot of areas in the Visual effects industry, one we get particularity excited about is harnessing the power of particle simulations.

Using the cutting edge in tech and industry adopted tools we are able to create incredibly complex particle simulations quicker then ever from the creation of atmosphere using particles to fill the ambient space to a scene or to city wide flooding we have the tools and capabilities to match your spec or even to work along side your current vfx house to aid in particle simulation workflows.

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