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Augmented Reality

"Blurring the line between real and..... real?"

Interactive Training

Augment your training experience with detailed overlays on real environments.


Allowing you to access more information about what you are looking at in an intuitive and interactive way.

This can be modelled to suite a variety of tasks, such as overlaying information onto real world objects to enhance your experience or placing any digital object into the real world to allow a digital preview of real world workflows or products.


Dynamic Solutions

Need a more dynamic augmented experience?

Utilising machine vision we can implement basic rule sets into our AR applications. These rules can create apps that adapt to any environment.

For example an interior design app which can pick out walls in a house, allowing the user to walk into any home and preview a vast array of possible changes before committing to anything as show to the left.

These can be built for both consumer and production use cases even integrating with desktop apps to help build and manage the data you create.

Smart Solutions

Make use of the incredibly powerful computer in your pocket with smart AR applications.

These AR apps can interact with large datasets and sync with larger models such as a digital twin hosted in the cloud to pull and overlay information onto the real-life objects onsite allowing users another seamless way to manipulate and view data on the go.


Apps like these have huge potential in truly integrating different aspects of your work environment, to view productions lines, to update inventory or to be used as a planning tool allowing you to map out future renovations in real time.

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