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Virtual Reality

"Escape reality?... hmm"

Training Environments

Virtual reality can be used for a wide variety of applications.

We are particularly excited by applications which can truly make the most of this developing technology.

One use we are very passionate about is virtual training in which we can recreate any real-world environment and simulate any machinery or processes the user would need to interact with, this can allow users to have a safe environment to use new or existing hardware and workflows in the safety of VR and with the benefit of being able to learn new skills without any serious consequences.

Metal Pipes
Interior Design

Interactive Showcases

Another incredible use for this technology is to be able to walk through photoreal environments and interact with them.

As we specialise in creating photoreal 3D visualisations we have the skillset to import these visuals into the virtual world allowing you to walk through a completely digital showcases of any space, whether that be a show home for a estate agency or to iterate through designs of a new workshop/office space, to help you get a better feel for the space and make the important decisions cheaper and easier.

Collaborative Experiences

All of this mentioned above can be enjoyed together whether that be locally or from the other side of the planet!

This can allow an array of features such as virtual meetings, virtual walkthroughs or even virtual Q&A in which all members can interact directly with a 3D data adding a new way to understand complex problems and aid in visualising solutions.

Virtual Reality
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